Federsel & Mäkelä

30. 4. 22:15
DJ set
Studio Alta

Special DJ set by Federsel & Mäkelä duo for saturday evening party in Alta!

Tomáš Procházka (aka Federsel) is a musician, improviser, sound artist, and performer. He is a member of the theatre group Handa Gote research&development and the bands B4, Gurun Gurun, Radio Royal, Federsel&Mäkelä, Wabi Experience and Poisonous Frequencies. Procházka also performs solo under the name Federsel, writes for the magazines World and TheatreA2, and HIS Voice, and co-founded and runs the Wakushoppu concert series. On his blog Endemit Archives, Procházka tries to collect pieces from the local deep underground, including freak-out, outsider, and plain-weird music, as well as all kinds of antimusic activities and home-recorded audio. In 2014, Procházka and his colleague Pasi Mäkelä launched the microlabel Meteorismo.


Pasi Mäkelä is Finnish performer, musician and conceptual artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. Studied in Turku Arts Academy, Finland 1998-2002, and has a degree of theatre director and educator. Is a member of Finnish theatre research and performances groups Reality Research Center and Circus Maximus. Works actively with his own music/performance group Sabotanic Garden, experimental music group Federsel & Mäkelä and its own micro-label Meteorismo, and garage-gospel music group The Spermbankers. Mäkelä works also on solo material. Between 2013-2015 he has performed his physical performance solo Tonttu in Slovakia, Germany, Georgia, Finland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Austria and in U.S.A. He released his first solo music album in late 2014.

Federsel & Mäkelä