Hamilton, Julyen

Julyen Hamilton has been directing and teaching for the past 40 years. Hamilton has authored more than 100 solos seen all over the world, interplays between dance, live text, and decor, each made specifically for its venue. He has had three companies, most recently Allen’s Line in Brussels, Belgium, and has also been invited to choreograph for other dancers and to collaborate with other directors. Hamilton has performed as a dancer in collaboration with many musicians and in recent years as a poet and voice artist; he has performed with, among others: Barre Phillips, Michael Moore, Fred Frith, Malcolm Goldstein, Daniel Humair, Alfred Spirli, Xavier Garcia, Christian Reiner, Jean-Claude Jones, Vladimir Volkov, Tristan Honsinger, Sebi Tramontana, Axel Dörninger, and Ritsche Koch.

Photo: Patrick Beelaert, from "The Immaterial World"