Hans van Koolwijk

27. 4. 17:15
performance, opening - free entrance
National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace - Small Hall

The opening performance with flying baloons and flutes. Hans van Koolwijk is a Dutch sound artist and builder of experimental musical instruments. Since 1986 he has been working in the space between visual art and music. His central work, the “Bambuso Sonoro,” originates from the idea of a single performer operating multiple flutes simultaneously. The Bambuso is an unpolished sound sculpture that is sometimes used as a musical instrument, whereby the visual is closely related to the aural. For the last 30 years, van Koolwijk has been creating and constantly adding to an extensive palette of sound machines, some very simple and others very complex.

The performance is organized in cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague.

Photo: Marieke Henni


supported by Netherlands Embassy in Prague


Hans van Koolwijk