International Creative Workshop on Feedback, 3D Sound, and Performance

25. 4.—29. 4.
lecture, performance, workshop
The Institute of Intermedia

The one-week workshop targets multiple technological and artistic facets of sound and music. The first two days are dedicated to exploring alternative models of radio signal transmission, and to experiments with sound feedback and improvisation. The lecturer Knut Aufermann engages, together with Sarah Washington, in research, creation of special broadcasts and radio sound installations, as well as organization of circuit bending workshops for various culture and community institutions, music and new media festivals around the world. He is also a co-founder of the international Radia FM network of independent radio stations.
The second part of the programme is dedicated to the creative use of software applications for 3D spatial sound combined with the image. The workshop will be conducted by music composer and viola player Martha Mooke together with musician and programmer Thomas Martinez. Martha Mooke in her work fuses classical and electronic music, uses digital technologies and improvisation. Martha Mooke's matinée on 29 April at 3PM will present the world premiere of her new programme which will be repeated in New York.

Workshop targeted at students of IIM, ČVUT, AMU, and other schools dealing with sound, intermedia, new media, and music, as well as other members of the public. Completing the workshop should enable the participants to apply their acquired skills in theatre, sound engineering, and developer practice.

Contents of the International Creative Workshop on Feedback, 3D Sound, and Performance:
Part 1 – Feedback Experiments, Knut Aufermann
Monday 25 April, 5PM. Introduction. Knut Aufermann's talk on the use of feedback and radio frequencies in arts.
Tuesday 26 April. Two 3-hour sessions with lunch break, 10AM–5PM

Knut Aufermann will introduce the participants to the use of feedback and a standard radio receiver. Participants are asked to bring a battery-operated transistor radio. Please be advised that the experiments may damage the device.

Part 2 – Space Sound and Video – Interactive multichannel sound technology and space, Martha Mooke with Thomas Martinez
Wednesday and Thursday (27–28 April), 10AM–2PM
Martha Mooke with Thomas Martinez will introduce the participants to building their own sound software that can be used among other things for interactive installations and live performances. The popular MaxMSP and Pure Data environments make it possible to build your own instruments and explore the possibilities of spatial sound and a multichannel system. The Unity Game Engine software will be presented as a method of employing live sound in visual media.

World premiere of Martha Mooke's performance on 29 April at 3 PM comes as a part of the workshop.

Workshop participants are asked to bring their own PCs with the Max MSP (, Pure Data, and Unity3d applications installed.

Apply before 15 April 2016 by e-mail to or on the website

Registration fee including participation in both workshops and Martha Mooke's performance is CZK 500. Attending only one of the workshops is possible.


Workshop organized by the Agosto Foundation and the vs. Interpretation festival in association with the Institute of Intermedia as a follow-up to the Pulsee summer school.
Technical aspects of the project are realized in association with Harvestworks.

International Creative Workshop on Feedback, 3D Sound, and Performance