Les Femmes Savantes

Composers/Performer Ensemble
Les Femmes Savantes was founded in 2005 as an interdisciplinary composer-performer ensemble by five Berlin-based female composers/musicians from Germany, Argentina, and Sweden. Years of collaboration have enabled Les Femmes Savantes to create a specific acoustic identity that exceeds the mere sum of its individual aesthetic languages: The compositions/performances/installations are developed and performed through tight-knit collaboration. Each participant alternately assumes the role of composer, collaborator, interpreter, or director. This shifting distribution of roles results in the development of concert/performance programs in which individual as well as collective works are presented.
The musical spectrum ranges from New Music, Echtzeitmusik and jazz to electronic music and sound art. A wide variety of media are incorporated into Les Femmes Savantes’s compositions: the performer’s body becomes the instrument, public space becomes stage, the computer intervenes in the event compositionally, videos become fellow players.


photos: Anja Weber

Supported by the Goethe-Institut in Prague