Microvomit & Ukamau

29. 4. 21:00
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A premiere encounter of the Prague-based baritone saxophone player Georgij Bagdasarov (Ukamau) and the South Bohemian Microvomit.

The improvisatory group Microvomit finds itself on the borderland between guitar noise and free-jazz rhythm feel, borne from the ashes of several bands surrounding the collective NAAB from České Budějovice. What connects Microwomit with the older group Soxoo is its nearly identical composition of members and also its passion to venture far beyond the limits of comprehension of most rationally thinking listeners. On the other hand, the band differs from Soxoo in its more confined musical expression, superior instrumental prowess and in its effort to disengage itself from exterior chemical influences.

Ukamau is bari-core project of armenian musician living in Prague. The fundamental musical core "ukamau" are traditional rhytms of aymara music performed by baritone saxophone (bari) and white noise, repeated by bass synth. Music is accompanied by flickering and stroboscopical projection of Alexandra Morales based on theme of Altiplana legends and stories.

Georgy Bagdasarov - baritone saxophone, electronics
Alexandra Morales - stroboscope, projectors




Microvomit & UkamauMicrovomit & Ukamau