Studio Alta

At Studio ALTA you can watch theatre, produce it, rehearse a new project, bring children to dance courses or to performances created for them, meet your friends, get to know new people, and work or relax in the café.

Studio ALTA was founded in 2007 as an independent space for different forms of contemporary theatre with a specific emphasis on dance and physical theatre. It serves as a unique platform for professional theatre, rehearsals, community activities and performances for children. Our activities include the support of independent productions, presentations, and the organization of festivals and educational events.

In February 2015, Studio ALTA expanded into two new halls that serve as ateliers, another rehearsal room for “homeless” ensembles and informal multifunction café (aka. your substitute living-room.) Part of the café is a creative space for children with set design components, and another part is a calm zone for work meetings and exhibition space.

How to get here:

Studio ALTA is situated in the industrial area on Bubenská street. There are two entrances; one from Bubenská street 43 and another through a small passage on U Výstaviště street 21 (right next to the car bazar). The closest public transport is the tram stop for trams 17, 12, and 24 at Výstaviště Holešovice.

After 23:00, the entrance from U Výstaviště is closed, so please use the entrance from Bubenská street.