A Tooth for a Tooth (Paľko & Tóth)

1. 5. 19:00
performance, video opera
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A few kilometers away from the geographical midpoint of Europe, industrial ruins surround a once-famous mining town. A visitor from the capital city comes to the small forgotten town, wishing to own a piece of history that is exposed for the admiration of tourists but no longer enjoyed by local residents. At the same time, a fabled legendary ruin comes in handy: the house of Maximilian Hell.

A Tooth for a Tooth is a one-act video opera for vocals, cello, and soprano saxophone. It was composed at the BANSKÁ ST A NICA cultural center in Slovakia, using the personal histories of the residents of Banská Štiavnica.

Marek Kundlák – vocals
Andrej Gál – cello
Michal Paľko – dulcimer, composition
Miroslav Tóth – extensive vocal, soprano saxophone, composition

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Supported by Slovak Institut in Prague